Think Automatic advances the smart home through our machine learning platform utilizing patented Smart Nudgeᵀᴹ technology.

The Whole is Greater Than The Sum of The Parts

With Think Automatic smart home tech now adapts to you! The beauty of our technology is its flexibility, it easily adapts to not only other devices, but your everyday life!

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The Whole is Greater Than The Sum of The Parts

We believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and through our platform, you can make your smart home a cohesive unit, rather than merely a sum of parts.

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The Benefits of Think Automatic

While revolutionary, smart home technology often requires a lot of tinkering and calibration to make it ready for your everyday use. One way to do this is to hire an IT professional and shell out a small fortune, or a better way is to utilize Think Automatic to synchronize all your smart home technology. Once you have Think Automatic, the software learns your habits and adapts your smart home to you.

Our Mission

To simplify and enhance living environments through adaptive technology.

How It Works

Think Automatic is a web based smart home platform.



Install smart devices in your home. Access the Think Automatic web app and tell us what devices you’ve installed through its easy interface. Go about your daily routines and the software will learn in the background. Smart Nudge™ will automatically kick in and allow you to easily teach your home precisely what you want it to do.

Get your smart home devices set up right the first time. The Think Automatic platform helps you coordinate your smart devices with ease.

Extensible To Almost
Any Connected Device

We designed the Think Automatic platform to be extensible to virtually any connected smart home device.

Extensible To Almost Any Connected Device
Free & Open Source Development Tools

Free & Open Source Development Tools

We want to put the power and flexibility of Think Automatic into the hands of hardware and software developers alike. It only made sense to make it free!

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Have questions about Think Automatic? Give us a shout out! We’d love to educate you on how our platform can help in your home.

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