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Step 1: Purchase your starter kit from our online store if you have not already.


Step 2: Install your Luminode dimmer switches in your home.

Luminodes work best when they work together in the same room. Each Luminode can also be installed to utilize traditional 3-way wiring.

Installation instructions are included with your starter kit, however, it is highly recommended to consult a licensed electrician if you have any doubt of your ability to perform basic household wiring.

Step 3: Access our free web-based app on your mobile device and setup your free Think Automatic account.

After setting up your account you will then be able to pair your Luminodes with your account enabling them to start learning your patterns right away! Use the help button on the bottom of the web-app page for a guided setup.

Use App

Tips: The Luminodes are designed to be very intuitive. But there are things you can do to help the Smart Nudgeᵀᴹ algorithm understand you better and faster.

When you tap the top of a Luminode to turn it on, all of the Luminodes in the same room will respond. If after the first tap you want a different setting in the room, tap the top of the same Luminode again and a different setting will be selected.

If you pass a setting and you want to go back. Tap the bottom button on the Luminode which will turn all of the Luminodes off in that room, then when you tap it on again it will start over with the same scenes in the same order.

If after several attempts the Luminodes in the room you are in are still not set the way you want, then stop at a setting that seems close to what you want. Then either take out your mobile device and set each Luminode directly through the web-app interface, or go to each Luminode and press-and-hold the up or down to adjust its brightness. Either way, after you are done, the system will remember the way you like it.